Oh Day 2 !!

Ivana Helsinki Show

So next day first show, again managed to get front row! and funny enough right next to one of my best friends! Designer Marc Clark on my right. We didnt even know we were going to the same show! This show was very interesting, they had a 20 min presentation video first, if you look in the pic before you will see the cpu in the middle of runway, yes that stayed there until the first model walked out, and it took them a good 5 min to move it in the dark leaving the crowd like what??

 But this show did manage to have alot of fashions in the crowd!  Check out some of the below!

Hated the hair, but she def, had a moment while getting dressed!

Loved the necklace and color choice!

Also sitting in the front row friend and Male Model:  Shaun Ross

 Also on the scene Fashion TV!!

Youtube sensation: Jessica Latshaw singer and ukulele player (we have an interview with her as well)

Next stop was the Nolcha fashion show feat. Ecco designs this show was on the first-floor of Alvin Ailey center so everyone could see from the out side!

And the best part of the night afyerparty time!

We headed over to Scoop on the meatpacking district of NYC to hit the Hudson Jeans after party!

Loved this party, the theme was glow in the dark neon, all the jeans and decorations were glowing!

Not to mention open bar by Double Cross Vodka!

HEY fashion….

Kwasi Gyasi of MyUberLife  in his stylish leather jacket!

Jey Van-sharp from My uberlife.com and designer Marc Clark




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