Hey So this Page is dedicated to My Acting videos and shots! Some Maybe Jobs and may be for pure fun! But hope you enjoy! AND FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS!

So I would say my debut into the industry would be Music videos when I lived in atlanta!

Yes, I was in this video, now look close: your looking for “Long hair, Dont Care” pulled back in a pony, lmfao and and green Caffiene Track jacket, those used to be my thing in the day!  If you didnt see go back and fast foward to the house party in the living room and when the music scratch-


POWWW! There I am up top!

Another “THROWBACK” Atl’s own: Dem Franchize Boys, yes i know so hood,  called: “In my white tee” These was the days of the huge white tees in the south that sime still “Rock” today!

Okay so to find me in this one: when they say “Hispanice ,white , something or another and theres groups of “gangs” Im in the Hipanic one! with my homegirl,

Music Video -Atlanta Artist: Tyra: “Country Boy”

Music video- for new artist Tohm Lev (www.tohmlev.com)! Called “Cheesecake in the Morning”  Shot in Ny and I ate so much Juniors Famous Cheesecake for free!

My appearance on Own Network! For the show called “Unfaithful”

These are some clips from the book that Im on the cover of called “My Turn”! They onky tell half he story you have to get it to see more!

Movie soon to come!


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